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Some weekend link love

May 31, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 12.02.28 AM

1. Get your camping chair ready, Altuzarra for Target will be greatness (and worth sleeping outside the store for I’m sure)
2. One of my favorite Norwegian bloggers started up their blog again, check it out here.
3. What better way to spend a Sunday morning than scrolling through’s amazing handbag sale. How I wish I could afford it all!
4. Need some tips on upping your instagram game? Vogue posted some tips to get an editor approved I.G profile.
5. I love these Paris streetstyle photos posted by Studded Hearts



May 28, 2014




Langford Market skirt, Tory Burch flats (these are on sale!) Kardashian Kollection cat eye sunglasses, Prada Handbag, Michael Kors watch and a Gina tricot top

I picked out this lovely flower printed pencil skirt at my last visit to Langford Market and I love both the colors and the print. I chose to style it with a classic striped top and add some extra color by pairing it with a red pair of flats. In my last post I mentioned work appropriate looks and I think this skirt can be styled several different ways to make it cute and professional for work or a summer internship. You can for example pair it with a classic black tank and a tailored blazer, this way you can skip the the blazer and add a pair of heels for an easy day-to-night transition. You can also pair it like I did here with a classic striped top or a button down white blouse for a simply yet different summer work look. Hope you have had a great week so far!

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt


Second ‘Look of the Day’ video

May 24, 2014


We had some issues uploading this video in the right video quality this past week, this is our best attempt so far just remember putting it on HD 720 before watching. I am in Bergen for the weekend visiting some friends, I hope you enjoy your weekend and more posts are coming soon. 



May 22, 2014


ImageImageLangford Market dress, Nelly shoes, Prada Handbag, Michael Kors watch and H&M necklace 

I simply love this white and blue Langford Market dress, I picked it up right before we left to go back to Norway and figured it would be a fun dress for summer! If you live in Austin check out their stores both on 2nd street and on 29th street for super cute spring and summer looks! I choose to keep this look simple with a pair of crisp white heels, my all time favorite black handbag from Prada and some gold accessories. Now that I am back to working full time (for summer only) I am dressing more practical and always keeping in mind that a look needs to also be professional. Because I have gotten some questions on here about dressing for work or internships I figured I would post my work looks here as well along with some tips. Hope you have had a great week so far! 

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May 20, 2014

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageLangford Market skirt, H&M jumper, Ray Ban Sunglasses (they just got them back in stock!) and Nelly shoes 

We photographed this look on our last day in Austin, after some amazing oyster’s at Perla’s. If you live in Austin, or plan to visit you have to check it out, It is too good! Now that I am back in Norway I have been so busy catching up with family and friends as well as celebrating Norway’s national day, unpacking and getting back into work that posting on here has been lower on my priority list unfortunately. For this look, I picked out this super cool white flairy skirt from Langford Market and styled it with my go-to black and white cropped knit and mirrored Ray Ban’s. I hope you liked this look and have a wonderful rest of the week!

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt


Flower Printed

May 12, 2014



ImageImageImageImageImageSheInside dress, Nelly shoes and a Tory Burch Handbag 

I am so excited to announce another collaboration with SheInside, I simply love both the color combination and pattern of this dress. A Perfect and simple statement dress for Spring/Summer. I decided to keep the styling simple with white heels and one of my favorite crossbody bags from Tory Burch. I liked how the red/pink colors of the dress worked with the light blue of the handbag. I hope you guys have had a great weekend so far, and stay tuned for a video posting on the blog tomorrow! 

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Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt




Denim Overalls

May 10, 2014

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageGina Tricot shirt, Urban Outfitters demin overalls, Nelly shoes, ASOS backpack and Michael Kors watch

I have been playing around with the idea of denim overalls lately and today I found the perfect one at Urban Outfitters and wait till you hear the price… 15 $! God, I love me a good sale. If you are in the Austin area, check out their 50% of 50% sale section and get some good spring/summer pieces for yourself! I am finally done with finals (with the exception of one still remaining this coming Monday), so my mind has gone to a summer state and it’s priceless to not have to study, live at the library or write essays. All that means more time to do fun projects with the blog! I just picked up some great pieces for summer from Langford Market that I can’t wait to show you guys! Also, there is another short film in the works so stay tuned! 

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt 



Moving to the U.S?

May 8, 2014

I have always wanted the American college experience, and now that I am here I have tons of tips and tricks I wish I knew before starting the process of attending college in the U.S. There are several steps in deciding to attend college in the States. Questions about cost, funding and location can be overwhelming and hard to answer. I decided to write a series of posts about my own experience, recommendations and tips to make the transition as easy as possible. The first thing to think about is where to move, the U.S is a big and diverse country – there is a place for every taste!

ImageImageI cannot speak for others, but my initial thought on location was the obvious choice for any Norwegian of either NYC or Los Angeles. I had been to NYC a couple of times and loved the vibe there, and although I had never been to LA it’s image of endless beach, palm trees and summer all year was imprinted in my mind. As I came a little further along in the process, It became clear what type of institution I wanted. A big school, great academics, student friendly city, big city, and most importantly I wanted the typical American college experience, think football games, sororities/fraternities and tailgating. When I came to the realization that most images of American college life I had been exposed to before were not really from schools in NYC or LA, but rather big southern schools like University of Florida, UT (university of Texas), University of Georgia or The University of Alabama I started expanding my search for a college in other locations as well. To me, school spirit and sense of community was very important in researching different colleges.

ImageImageInitially the best tip on deciding where to go is asking yourself the question of which type of college do you want to attend? A small private one? A big public university? Should it be in a large city like NYC, Chicago or Los Angeles? What about climate, hot or cold? It might seem a bit silly, but it is a very effective way of narrowing down your selection of colleges. Great resources for college ranking, SAT/ACT requirements and areas of study can be found at College Board and Peterson’s. For my Norwegian readers, also check out ANSA’s website for scholarship and college information. Stay tuned for more posts on moving to the States!
Image                                        Image
Photos taken by me, gathered from: pinterest, tumblr and Angelica Blick. 



May 6, 2014

ImageH&M dress, Prada handbag, Guess shoes and a Primark blazer

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about greek columns. It might be because they are so scarce where I am from, or just their way of transforming the simplest of looks with its royal backdrop, whatever it is I love the look. It seems as the more I get to know Austin, the more little gems like this location I find, UT truly has a beautiful campus.

I hope you guys like my all white (with a few hints of black) look, I wanted something that felt summery, but looked simple. A good tip if you want to avoid the flowery look for spring and summer, go with a textured white dress instead.

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt