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How to grow your Instagram part 2

February 18, 2016
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Hi Guys!
Hope your week has been great so far! I am so excited to be posting another Blog Better post, which is all about how you can become a better blogger. This is part 2 of my “how to grow your Instagram”, if you haven’t read part one – click here! Since the first post, I thought of some other good tips to have in mind and decided to write a part 2.  For fashion bloggers, Instagram is everything. It is a great representation of your audience, and it’s the perfect channel to grow your readership and introduce new people to your amazing blog. Down below are some of my tips:


1. Building Fame: is a digital marketing agency that helps you engage with people similar to your profile, and people who follow similar people like you. This is a service, by a team who works on your account personally and help you truly engage with people who would love your feed! It’s such a great way to really reach people who would love your content! Right now all of you guys can get -30% off a membership by using code: FCINSTA2016, Most of their portfolio are fashion bloggers, designers and entrepreneurs. Check out their service here.

2. Frequency: Growing fast and building a following on social media is a lot about frequency, why would someone want to follow you if your last post was 35 weeks ago? There is no point in following profiles who won’t post regularly, so If you want to grow stay consistent. I find that it helps to have an idea of how many posts you want to do every week, some fashion bloggers posts as many times as 3-6 per day, for me this is a bit much, but I do try to upload a new photo to Instagram every day. This is really up to you, find a balance and something that works for you and your audience.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 06.29.29

3. VSCO/editing: I love me a good feed, and one tip to achieve that envy worthy Instafeed is by using the same, or roughly the same filter on every photo. Doing this over time gives your Instagram a certain look, and it becomes much more cohesive and well thoughout. Lately I’m loving C1-C2-C3 and the S1-S2-S3 on VSCO!

Let me know if you have some other tips, or comment down below if you end up using any of these #Instagram tips and tricks. 

Blog Better

Blog Better Series: How To Grow Your Instagram

November 13, 2015
Fashion Conspiracy

Happy Friday you guys! 

I decided to start a Blog Better series here on Fashion Conspiracy to help you guys grow your blog and social media channels. After blogging for about 3 years, I have picked up some valuable tips and tricks along the way, as well as things NOT to do! I have decided to share these in several different posts in a series I chosen to call Blog Better. This first post is all about creating growth and engagement on your Instagram profile! We all know that this social media channel is getting increasingly important, especially for bloggers. For a really long time I did close to nothing to increase my growth, but for the past two months I have and my Instagram has grown by around 35% (!) Read along for some tips that could help you get started or grow your Instagram. Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! 

1. Quality posting
 No other step on this list will be as beneficial to your growth unless you invest time and creativity into what you post on Social media. I have seen a lot of users deciding on specific themes for their feeds such as white/airy photos or very colourful feed. To be honest, for me this hasn’t really worked, I tried for a little while but It took a lot of time and it restricted me from posting the images I wanted to post. But if this is something for you, definitely try it out! I have seen Instagram’s grown immensely just by doing this! I do recommend though theme or no theme that you try to be conscious about the overall feel of your profile, that it all feels consistent.
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.24.21 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.24.01 PM

Some examples of feed themes.

Side tip: Many of you probably know this, if you are trying to clean up your feed for a more curated overall look, try to limit your use of photos with several people in it especially several photos like that next to each other. This tends to clog up your feed and make it look busy.

2. Ask your followers some questions
This can be both beneficial for you and for your following. I am always very curious about who the people following me really are, and so by asking some questions directed at them under my photos I both get a more engaged following and I get to know my followers better! So it’s a total win win.

3. Comment and Like
This is a no brainer, but it’s something I forget to do all the time. But If you look at some of the bloggers or Youtubers with extremely engaged audiences they probably did this very systematically in the beginning to create a high engagement profile.

4. Use #hashtags 
This might seem like a little much, I think we have all seen those profiles with 100 hashtags under each photo (trust me, I do this too sometimes) but it really does help. If you are a local fashion blogger, using tags that connect you to your city or other bloggers in your area is key to creating a following in your city and also make connections and new blogger friends!

5. Iconosquare
This step really helped me. Iconosquare is a website that provides you with all sorts of information regarding your Instagram profile. It let’s you know valuable information such as when your following is most active and most engaged. Since I started being aware of my own following, I have seen a pretty substantial increase in engagement on my photos. Tip on how to navigate their page: 1. go to analytics 2. Go to optimization to get all your tips on when to post etc!

Hope these tips were helpful! I am going to be posting a new segment of this series every Friday, so stayed tuned and check back in next Friday for more tips on how to improve your blog!