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    The Perfect Gift For Someone who Has Everything

    December 12, 2015

    My lashes after a Visit to Lash Genie

    All of you know how much I love lashes, it is by far my best beauty tip for anyone wanting a no hassle, makeup free makeup look! With lashes I can wake up 5 minutes before I leave the house and still look put together, how amazing is that? As far as gift shopping for the holidays, there is always that one person you know that has everything imaginable, getting them their first lash extension experience is a great idea for a Christmas gift! And trust me, they’ll be hooked! Visit Lash Genie Austin to pick up a Giftcard or call (512) 730 1928

    Photos By Alexander Thorstvedt

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    Ethree Estetiques: New lashes

    This week has been filled with school work and midterms, so when my Ethree Estetiques appointment came along it was exactly the pick me up that I needed. As many of you know, I…

    October 20, 2014
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    My first Lash Extentions experience

    Jeg har lenge lekt med tanken på øyenvippe extensions, spesielt fordi sminke har vært problematisk grunnet forskjellige allergier. Jeg gjorde litt research for å finne det beste stedet i Stavanger, både prismessig og kvalitetsmessig.…

    July 20, 2014