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Paris Day 2: All Black

March 25, 2016

DSC_1275 DSC_1280 DSC_1278 DSC_1276

Leather jacket, Mango – handbag, Chanel – Sunglasses, Quay – Dress, Bleu Rod Beattie – Choker, homemade  – Sneakers, New Balance.

As you know, any all black look is winner in my book. You would probably be surprised to know that this wonderful dress is a beach cover-up doubling as the perfect sightseeing dress for a day spent discovering Paris. I paired it with my wardrobe go-to leather jacket, Chanel classic flap and for a change I am wearing sneakers (life saver for a day of strolling). Hope this way of wearing one piece two ways inspired you to try something from your wardrobe someway new.

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt


Paris Day 1: Jardin de Tuileries

March 18, 2016

DSC_1299 DSC_1294

What I am wearing:
Sunglasses from Quay
 Earrings from Susanne Friis Bjørner
Leather jacket – Mango
Top from Monki
Bag from Chanel

Hello Everyone!
This past month of my life has been such a world whim, I am happy to say that on Monday this week I moved to live in… NYC! I am beyond excited and so happy for this new adventure. What else is new? Well Alex and I went to Paris this past weekend and it was such an unbelievable trip. We walked through beautiful neighbourhoods, visited the Louvre and Chateau de Versailles and ate some amazing food. All in all it was a dream trip, and despite the week before being snowy and windy in Paris we got clear skies and for the most part sun!

I wanted to include some of the photos we shot while walking through Jardin de Tuileries and the Louvre. Here I am wearing my go-to leather jacket from mango and a DIY’ed velvet choker. I am also wearing one of my Susanne Friis Bjørner earrings, and to be honest guys I have been wearing my pieces NON STOP since I got them and I am so excited to show you more of their absolutely beautiful jewellry pieces.

See more Susanne Friis Bjørner here. 

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt

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Everyday Essentials: Quay + Classic flap

March 5, 2016



Happy Saturday everyone!

This look is all about staple pieces I can’t get enough of! This Mango leather jacket is silky soft and fits perfectly + this 3/4 sleeve white t-shirt is both super comfy and works with everything else in my wardrobe (duh, it’s a plain white t). This slinky beige/nude skirt is from Missguided and again, jersey so it’s beyond comfy. As for the accessories, I added my go-to classic flap from Chanel and my mirrored Quay sunglasses + a leather pair of boots.

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt

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February 21, 2016






DSC_1105 DSC_1103
DSC_1099 DSC_1098 DSC_1097 DSC_1096 DSC_1095

I love this simple look, this khaki dress has become such a wardrobe staple (get it here) and pairing it with this double breasted Zara Blazer makes for the perfect go-to look. I added these laced-up shoes from Missguided and my favorite mirrored sunglasses from Quay.

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Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt

Blog Better

How to grow your Instagram part 2

February 18, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 15.51.02

Hi Guys!
Hope your week has been great so far! I am so excited to be posting another Blog Better post, which is all about how you can become a better blogger. This is part 2 of my “how to grow your Instagram”, if you haven’t read part one – click here! Since the first post, I thought of some other good tips to have in mind and decided to write a part 2.  For fashion bloggers, Instagram is everything. It is a great representation of your audience, and it’s the perfect channel to grow your readership and introduce new people to your amazing blog. Down below are some of my tips:


1. Building Fame: is a digital marketing agency that helps you engage with people similar to your profile, and people who follow similar people like you. This is a service, by a team who works on your account personally and help you truly engage with people who would love your feed! It’s such a great way to really reach people who would love your content! Right now all of you guys can get -30% off a membership by using code: FCINSTA2016, Most of their portfolio are fashion bloggers, designers and entrepreneurs. Check out their service here.

2. Frequency: Growing fast and building a following on social media is a lot about frequency, why would someone want to follow you if your last post was 35 weeks ago? There is no point in following profiles who won’t post regularly, so If you want to grow stay consistent. I find that it helps to have an idea of how many posts you want to do every week, some fashion bloggers posts as many times as 3-6 per day, for me this is a bit much, but I do try to upload a new photo to Instagram every day. This is really up to you, find a balance and something that works for you and your audience.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 06.29.29

3. VSCO/editing: I love me a good feed, and one tip to achieve that envy worthy Instafeed is by using the same, or roughly the same filter on every photo. Doing this over time gives your Instagram a certain look, and it becomes much more cohesive and well thoughout. Lately I’m loving C1-C2-C3 and the S1-S2-S3 on VSCO!

Let me know if you have some other tips, or comment down below if you end up using any of these #Instagram tips and tricks. 

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Sporty Luxe

February 15, 2016

DSC_1070 DSC_1071 DSC_1077 DSC_1080 DSC_1094 DSC_1093 DSC_1088 DSC_1084 DSC_1085

Hi Guys,

This look is definately something a little bit different than my usual look, but lately I have been so draw to the whole sport lux style. I got this super cool and comfy Adidas track jacket from Alex for Valentines, hey #bestboyfriend. And I decided to pair it with something very unexpected, so I went with a pair of black culottes pants and a pair of black mules and a faux leather bucket bag.

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Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt



Getting my hair did at Floke Stavanger

February 14, 2016

Resultatet – ble super fornøyd!

Hei hei,

Nytt år, nytt hår? Jeg kjente i hvert fall at jeg trengte en liten oppdatering på hårfronten og gikk derfor til Floke i Stavanger. En salong med intensjonen av å ta vare på både kunden og miljøet, Floke bruker kun økologiske produkter uten tilsetningstoffer som kan være farlige for håret, og som er fri for allergi og kreftfremkallende stoffer. Som dere vett har jeg slitt med sensitiv hud og allergier i sammenheng med både sminke og parfymer i forskjellige produkter, vill derfor være forsiktig med hva jeg bruker i håret. Jeg fikk dette ganske sent, og allergi til vanlige tilsetningstoffer i hårprodukter kan også oppstå når som helst, så det er bedre å være føre var og bruke gode produkter! Floke er et grønnere alternativ til vanlig hårpleie, og tilbyr behandlinger og produkter som er renere, sunnere og mer miljøvennlige enn hva tradisjonelle salonger tilbyr.

Jeg bestemte meg for å ta en klipp og blonde striper, og er utrolig fornøyd med resultatet! Håret føles sunt og friskt! Alt i alt, var det en fantastisk opplevelse med gode frisør, produkter og en avslappende opplevelse!



Her er noen bilder av resultatet. Jeg endte også opp med å farge øyenbrynene, og ble kjempefornøyd! Jeg syns at fargen var godt balansert, ikke for mørk og fint tilpasset til at jeg har blondt hår!

For å booke time besøk nettsiden deres her, eller ring: 48469994 Floke har 7 salonger i Norge, i Stavanger ligger de mitt i byen på klubbgaten 1.



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A day at the Library

February 10, 2016



DSC_0621-2 DSC_0620-2
DSC_0606-2  DSC_0602-2 DSC_0595-2  

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Yess, finally the site is up and running! It’s been crazy trying to figure out what was up with my hosting page, but it is resolved! (major thanks to wordpress for being legit superheros/IT wizz’es. We shot these photos a while back when strolling through the Blanton Museum of Art, how cool to have such an incredible resource right on campus (!) Can’t get enough of their great balance between modern art and classic exhibits.

This look consists of many of my wardrobe staples. A lace-up sweater, this gorgeous number is from Forever 21 (and it’s under $20!), these pants are from Zara and are beyond comfortable – a perfect work wardrobe go-to! I have spent months looking for the perfect camel coat, drooling over the oh-so-perfect Max Mara coats and wishing I had a couple of thousand dollars in my coat budget, I stumbled on this gorgeous oversized coat from…Good will, best part? It was 12$. mic drop. Here are some amazing alternatives on the affordable side: here ($28), here ($36) and here ($25).  I am such a believer in combining high and low, and think thrifting is a great way to find real steals! Definitely bring patience and when thrifting so you can truly browse to find the hidden gems.

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt 


Catching up

February 3, 2016

Some snaps from my Instagram lately

First off, I am so sorry for my absence here on the blog. I have had major trouble with my website login and had to engage the tech support for my hosting site to figure out what was wrong. Apparently there was a bug in my design that prohibited me from login into my site. I am still having trouble with error messages when I attempt to upload any photographs. Hopefully, this will be resolved at the end of today.

So, what’s new? So many things. The biggest thing probably being that I am now a college graduate (!!) I still can’t believe I have a bachelor’s degree. It’s so bitter sweet, on the one hand I have been looking forward to being “in the real world” for a long time, dreaming about having an interesting, fun and challenging job, but on the other hand, I don’t feel like I am done with Austin just yet, and I definitely miss living there. It’s weird spending the last several years of your life, knowing your next move, your schedule for the next semester, classes you are taking, jobs you want to apply for, activities you do in school. Everything is safe and planned ahead for you, although I did choose many spontaneous and unorthodox plans for myself, like packing up and moving half way around the world, it’s still weird to go into a time and place in my life where I have almost no plans and so much freedom. I can move wherever, apply for exciting jobs in a different country or apply for grad school somewhere new, I am so excited by this freedom to lay new plans and take opportunities that come my way, overall I am thrilled about what 2016 has in store for me.

I am back in Norway, as I write this. I have been working full-time since December in Stavanger and for the past few days I have been in Oslo. I am here visiting Alex who is kicking ass working on his music career (if you haven’t checked out his music, you must. Follow this link) and at a marketing firm. It’s his 23rd birthday today, so we’ll have a fun day cooking together, spending time with family, opening gifts and sneaking in a date night tonight. Oslo is so gorgeous in the winter, everything is covered with a layer of snow, this place truly looks like a winter wonderland. Hopefully, I’ll be able to capture how pretty it looks and post some photos on here for you to see.

As I fix the troubles with my site and hosting site, I’ll post much more on here. I have so many fun looks saved on my computer just waiting to be posted on here.

Stay tuned.

#FCtips Beauty

The Perfect Gift For Someone who Has Everything

December 12, 2015

My lashes after a Visit to Lash Genie

All of you know how much I love lashes, it is by far my best beauty tip for anyone wanting a no hassle, makeup free makeup look! With lashes I can wake up 5 minutes before I leave the house and still look put together, how amazing is that? As far as gift shopping for the holidays, there is always that one person you know that has everything imaginable, getting them their first lash extension experience is a great idea for a Christmas gift! And trust me, they’ll be hooked! Visit Lash Genie Austin to pick up a Giftcard or call (512) 730 1928

Photos By Alexander Thorstvedt