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How to grow your Instagram part 2

February 18, 2016
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Hi Guys!
Hope your week has been great so far! I am so excited to be posting another Blog Better post, which is all about how you can become a better blogger. This is part 2 of my “how to grow your Instagram”, if you haven’t read part one – click here! Since the first post, I thought of some other good tips to have in mind and decided to write a part 2.  For fashion bloggers, Instagram is everything. It is a great representation of your audience, and it’s the perfect channel to grow your readership and introduce new people to your amazing blog. Down below are some of my tips:


1. Building Fame: is a digital marketing agency that helps you engage with people similar to your profile, and people who follow similar people like you. This is a service, by a team who works on your account personally and help you truly engage with people who would love your feed! It’s such a great way to really reach people who would love your content! Right now all of you guys can get -30% off a membership by using code: FCINSTA2016, Most of their portfolio are fashion bloggers, designers and entrepreneurs. Check out their service here.

2. Frequency: Growing fast and building a following on social media is a lot about frequency, why would someone want to follow you if your last post was 35 weeks ago? There is no point in following profiles who won’t post regularly, so If you want to grow stay consistent. I find that it helps to have an idea of how many posts you want to do every week, some fashion bloggers posts as many times as 3-6 per day, for me this is a bit much, but I do try to upload a new photo to Instagram every day. This is really up to you, find a balance and something that works for you and your audience.

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3. VSCO/editing: I love me a good feed, and one tip to achieve that envy worthy Instafeed is by using the same, or roughly the same filter on every photo. Doing this over time gives your Instagram a certain look, and it becomes much more cohesive and well thoughout. Lately I’m loving C1-C2-C3 and the S1-S2-S3 on VSCO!

Let me know if you have some other tips, or comment down below if you end up using any of these #Instagram tips and tricks. 

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