Catching up

February 3, 2016

Some snaps from my Instagram lately

First off, I am so sorry for my absence here on the blog. I have had major trouble with my website login and had to engage the tech support for my hosting site to figure out what was wrong. Apparently there was a bug in my design that prohibited me from login into my site. I am still having trouble with error messages when I attempt to upload any photographs. Hopefully, this will be resolved at the end of today.

So, what’s new? So many things. The biggest thing probably being that I am now a college graduate (!!) I still can’t believe I have a bachelor’s degree. It’s so bitter sweet, on the one hand I have been looking forward to being “in the real world” for a long time, dreaming about having an interesting, fun and challenging job, but on the other hand, I don’t feel like I am done with Austin just yet, and I definitely miss living there. It’s weird spending theย last several years of your life, knowing your next move, your schedule for the next semester, classes you are taking, jobs you want to apply for, activities you do in school. Everything is safe and planned ahead for you, although I did choose many spontaneous and unorthodox plans for myself, like packing up and moving half way around the world, it’s still weird to go into a time and place in my life where I have almost no plans and so much freedom. I can move wherever, apply for exciting jobs in a different country or apply for grad school somewhere new, I am so excited by this freedom to lay new plans and take opportunities that come my way, overall I am thrilled about what 2016 has in store for me.

I am back in Norway, as I write this. I have been working full-time since December in Stavanger and for the past few days I have been in Oslo. I am here visiting Alex who is kicking ass working on his music career (if you haven’t checked out his music, you must. Follow this link) and at a marketing firm. It’s his 23rd birthday today, so we’ll have a fun day cooking together, spending time with family, opening gifts and sneaking in a date night tonight. Oslo is so gorgeous in the winter, everything is covered with a layer of snow, this place truly looks like a winter wonderland. Hopefully, I’ll be able to capture how pretty it looks and post some photos on here for you to see.

As I fix the troubles with my site and hosting site, I’ll post much more on here. I have so many fun looks saved on my computer just waiting to be posted on here.

Stay tuned.

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