Lash Genie Austin: Eye Lash Extensions

October 28, 2015


Hi Guys!

As you guys might know I am a bit obsessed with eyelashes, eyelash extensions that is. Over the years I developed an allergic reaction to mascara which meant that I had to stop wearing eye make-up, including mascara all together. My eyelids would swell up instantly, turn red and sore for months at a time. Desperately trying to find an alternative to makeup I found eye lash extensions. And for any of you out there with allergies to eye makeup or sensitive eyes this is perfect for you!

Ever since I have been on the lookout for the best places to get your lashes done, after some research online I decided on Lash Genie and I am so happy I did!ย The result is so natural and the extensions blend seamlessly into my natural lashes, the result looks absolutely stunning! As I mentioned before I have tried several places and never been this happy with my results! If you are a first timer to the whole lash extensions scene or have had them done in the past, you should check outย Lash Genie

For booking call:ย (512) 730-1928


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