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June 13, 2013

Why did you start to blog?ย 
I wanted a platform where I could share photos, articles and Lookbook’s that I felt inspired by. These last 7 months combined with the feedback I have gotten from my readers have helped shaped my blog into a more personal aspect of style than what was originally planned.

Do you have a style icon, if so, who?
I probably have more than one (a lot more!), but if I had to stick to just one it would be Miroslava Duma. She never stops to amaze with her colorful, classic and electric sense of style!


Do you read other blogs?
Yes, I am such a blog addict! Some of my all time favorites are:
Fashionsquad, theblondesalad, Garypepper and bycelina.

Which outfits of yours is your all time favorite?
I would say these three, they all (in different ways)ย  have so much energy :-)


Do you go to College? Where?
Yes, I just finished my freshman year of college in Norway and I am moving to Austin, TX for my three final years at the University of Texas, Austin (pinch me!).



Where are you from?
I am from Norway

You always wear heels so it is hard to estimate your height, how tall are you?
I am around 160 cm so 5.2


What clothing company has the best quality compared to their prices?
I would say Zara, they have great quality products at affordable prices

Which low-price retailer do you prefer? Eg: H&M, Primark, Lindex.
I LOVE primark, although their quality tends to suffer when the prices are as low as they are. But hey, if I pay 5 pounds for a pair of shoes I’m fine with them falling apart in a year.

I included some questions I have gotten often in the comment section, hope you got some answers and thank you so much for being lovely readers! I love your feedback:-)

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    Great post!!! Would I be able to do this….mabey turn it into a tag??? Would be appriciated, thanks xx