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August 17, 2016

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Hello guys!

Hope your week is off to a good start! Things have been pretty busy at work these past few days, so I haven’t really gotten back into a good posting schedule. Wanted to post some NYC photos, I always love seeing those typical NYC shots. You know, Brooklyn bridge, yellow cabs, empire state building those kinds of photos.

Oh, and I almost forgot I’m on snapchat and I post quite a bit, for more on my NYC adventure follow me there: emiliefroyland


It’s been a minute

August 3, 2016
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I don’t really know where to start. Maybe the most appropriate thing would be to apologize for my lack of presence here on Fashion Conspiracy. Life has been busy and super exciting these past few months and finding the time to blog, with the addition of not having a photographer, I just haven’t been able to post.

An update from me: I live in New York now, working as the marketing manager for a Fintech company. I love my job, it’s challenging, interesting and rewarding. Besides that, living in NYC is such a dream. I never thought I would live and work in New York, but it’s been such an adventure. I try my best to discover as much of the city, and keep trying to check off things on my NYC adventure list.

If you follow me on Instagram, it’s easier to keep you posted as I post there daily.

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I am currently in Finland, at an airport, waiting for my flight back to Norway and tomorrow I’m flying back to NYC. It’s going to be great getting back. The fall is a little bit like January in a sense. It’s a time for re-invention, getting organized and setting goals. One of my goals for August is posting again. I’m telling you, so you can help keep me accountable too;)!

Talk soon!
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Paris Day 3

April 28, 2016

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Mango jacket – Homemade choker – Quay sunglassess – Chanel handbag –

Here are some more photos from our Paris trip, loved strolling along discovering this beautiful city

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt

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Le Marais

April 12, 2016

DSC_0020  DSC_0021 DSC_0016

New Balance shoes – Mango leather jacket – Bleu Rod Beattie dress – Quay sunglasses – home-made velvet choker

Alex and I spent the day exploring the city, especially the neighbourhood called Le Marais which is filled with amazing vintage shops, cute little cafe’s and great restaurants. Definitely worth a visit! For this look I am actually wearing a beach cover-up from Bleu Rod Beattie as a dress (talk about how to use one item two ways!) My leather jacket is from Mango, for a day of sightseeing I need super comfy shoes and these New Balances are my go to! I topped it off with my classic flap from Channel, Quay sunglasses and a home-made velvet choker.

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt


Gardens of Versailles

April 10, 2016

DSC_0123 DSC_0121 DSC_0120 DSC_0119 DSC_0118 DSC_0117
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Earrings Susanne Friis Bjørner – New Balance shoes – Lindex coat – Max Mara fur collar – Quay sunglasses

Every time we travel I try my best to explore as much as possible and Paris was no exception, we spend our last day at Chataux de Versailles. I have been here once before but, loved getting the full day to really explore the palace itself and the equally impressive gardens and surrounding smaller palaces.

I am wearing my favorite Susanne Friis Bjørner earrings, these are so simple and dainty and go with everything in my wardrobe so perfectly. Get yours here!

Alex and I have this running joke about renting the tackiest transport we can find (think Segways, quads, el-scooters ++) and the moment we realized they did golf carts at Versailles we were all in. In all honesty thought, it’s not the worst tip if you are going to Versailles to rent one, it lets you see so much more of the area around the palace. While on our little golf cart sightseeing we spotted this gorgeous little gazebo outside of Marie Antoinette’s smaller palace, these photos are coming soon.

I have such a big backlog of photos from the past few weeks, and editing them all is taking some time, but trust me they are coming. So stay tuned. Have a happy Sunday everyone!

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt

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Paris is always a good idea

April 8, 2016





– Lindex coat (similar here, this one is $89!) – Shop the mint shoes (similar here) – Prada handbag (similar here) – Langford Market top (similar here, here and here) –  Mango tweed jacket – H&M pants (similar here and here) – Quay Sunglasses  (these are only $38 here!) – Fur collar Max Mara

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Here’s some photos from a morning spent strolling around the neighbourhood where we stayed in Paris called Palais Royal. There is something about these gorgeous old world white buildings that gets me every time. And I caught myself wanting to move here more than once on our weekend trip! Who knows? Maybe one day.

For this look, I went with my go-to white belted coat and added a fur collar from Max Mara (get it here and here). I love any collar, it adds the perfect amount of drama and elevates the look! I went with black jeans and a striped top and kept my sunglasses (get them here), shoes and handbag simple too. I actually ended up changed sunnies, midway which pair do you like best?

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt 


Paris Day 2: All Black

March 25, 2016

DSC_1275 DSC_1280 DSC_1278 DSC_1276

Leather jacket, Mango – handbag, Chanel – Sunglasses, Quay – Dress, Bleu Rod Beattie – Choker, homemade  – Sneakers, New Balance.

As you know, any all black look is winner in my book. You would probably be surprised to know that this wonderful dress is a beach cover-up doubling as the perfect sightseeing dress for a day spent discovering Paris. I paired it with my wardrobe go-to leather jacket, Chanel classic flap and for a change I am wearing sneakers (life saver for a day of strolling). Hope this way of wearing one piece two ways inspired you to try something from your wardrobe someway new.

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt


Paris Day 1: Jardin de Tuileries

March 18, 2016

DSC_1299 DSC_1294

What I am wearing:
Sunglasses from Quay
 Earrings from Susanne Friis Bjørner
Leather jacket – Mango
Top from Monki
Bag from Chanel

Hello Everyone!
This past month of my life has been such a world whim, I am happy to say that on Monday this week I moved to live in… NYC! I am beyond excited and so happy for this new adventure. What else is new? Well Alex and I went to Paris this past weekend and it was such an unbelievable trip. We walked through beautiful neighbourhoods, visited the Louvre and Chateau de Versailles and ate some amazing food. All in all it was a dream trip, and despite the week before being snowy and windy in Paris we got clear skies and for the most part sun!

I wanted to include some of the photos we shot while walking through Jardin de Tuileries and the Louvre. Here I am wearing my go-to leather jacket from mango and a DIY’ed velvet choker. I am also wearing one of my Susanne Friis Bjørner earrings, and to be honest guys I have been wearing my pieces NON STOP since I got them and I am so excited to show you more of their absolutely beautiful jewellry pieces.

See more Susanne Friis Bjørner here. 

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt

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Everyday Essentials: Quay + Classic flap

March 5, 2016



Happy Saturday everyone!

This look is all about staple pieces I can’t get enough of! This Mango leather jacket is silky soft and fits perfectly + this 3/4 sleeve white t-shirt is both super comfy and works with everything else in my wardrobe (duh, it’s a plain white t). This slinky beige/nude skirt is from Missguided and again, jersey so it’s beyond comfy. As for the accessories, I added my go-to classic flap from Chanel and my mirrored Quay sunglasses + a leather pair of boots.

Photos by Alexander Thorstvedt